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About the Mount Judea Area Alliance


   The Mt. Judea Area Alliance emerged from the struggle with the postal service in 2011. A group quickly formed to fight for our post office. The group wanted to show to others that Mt. Judea was not willing to go down without a fight and was not ready to die. As a group led by a few we stood up for ourselves and held our government officials accountable. The leaders of this group wanted to continue to help their community and so the MJAA was formed. In trying to determine what its mission statement should be, each one was asked, “What do you want for your community?” The following are a few of the answers received back.


“I suppose my mission is to save, protect, and enhance the lives of the

  people of the Mt. Judea area and Newton County, to assist them in

 being all they can be.”


“To be an advocate for sustaining our community, our School and

  our Rural way of life.”


“I want to live in a community that is healthy: economically, environ-

mentally and socially. I believe that when people create that kind of community, they have a positive influence on the larger world -- they

make better decisions as voters, as parents, as workers, as educators,

as businesspersons....”


   The Mt. Judea Area Alliance, Inc. became a Non-Profit Incorporation on October 15, 2012. It has the following mission statement: “The Alliance is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to be an advocate for our community, our School and our rural way of life, by strengthening and sustaining our community, by means of economic development, education, reducing poverty, celebrating our heritage, and providing community services. Our goal is to produce a safe and successful Mount Judea community, with the ultimate goal of engaging the citizens of Mount Judea and Newton County in supporting, contributing to, and demanding better outcomes for children and families.” We are applying for 501(c) 3 tax free status. The current board members are Sharon Pierce, President/Incorporator; Bertie Wells, Vice President/Incorporator; Beth Ardapple, Secretary / Incorporator; Donna Dodson, Treasurer / Incorporator; Imagene Freeman, and Anita Hudson.





Mt. Judea Area Alliance

The Alliance welcomes anyone who would like to join in their efforts to improve and strengthen the community. A heavy load is easier to carry with the help of a friend.


Our mailing address is:


PO Box 6

Mt. Judea, AR 72655


Coming Events

 Mt. Judea Heritage Day Festival

 Saturday, May 4, 2019

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Our mailing address is


PO Box 6

Mt. Judea, AR 72655

We are a 501 (c)3 charity and therefore all donations are tax deductiable.

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